Uma Thurman Covers Vogue Spain for March 2022

You may find it hard to believe that Uma Thurman last appeared on a Vogue cover a whopping 14 years ago. Vogue Spain is the magazine to finally break the slump welcoming the American actress as the Spanish fashion glossy’s March 2022 cover star. Recently, the publication’s covers have been falling immensely short. Not even Nathy Peluso, Africa Garcia or Milena Smit have been able to save them. Now photographer Tess Ayano and stylist Andrew Mukamal come together to capture Uma wearing minimal makeup and a blazer from Fendi’s Spring 2022 collection.


For the most part, members of our forums are fans of the cover. “What a lovely surprise. It’s great to see Uma again!” exclaimed aracic.

“Great to see Uma on a cover!” echoed liberty33r1b.

“Loving the rawness,” admired oaklee91.

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“I like the simplicity of it and the ‘clean’ look. I’m getting totally fed up with so-called ‘edgy’ covers,” said clo.

“A wonderful surprise to see Uma Thurman back on the cover of Vogue. This, for me, is the best cover of Vogue Spain in what feels like forever and it’s not even remotely groundbreaking or makes me want to make a purchase, but it’s easy on the eye and the coloring is nice,” vogue28 pointed out.

But not everyone is into it. “It’s nice to see Uma as a cover girl, but it’s a bad photo,” declared VogueGirl8910.

“It looks like someone snapped a photo of her off guard while at the office or something. Nothing is elevated here, nothing is cover-worthy,” stated an underwhelmed KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Does anyone remember how to make a good cover anymore? Someone is getting paid money to produce this. It’s reached the point where slapping the Vogue masthead on any image means the job is done…” ranted tigerrouge.

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