Types of skirts with name

Types of skirts with name will help all the skirt lovers to understand and choose wisely. A skirt is the lower part of a dress or a different external piece of clothing that covers an individual from the abdomen downwards.

In fact, The hemline of skirts can change from miniature to floor-length and can shift as per social originations of humility and feel just as the wearer’s very own taste, which can be impacted by such factors as style and social setting.

Here is the list of all top 42 types of skirts with name and different styles by Outfit & Trend

A-line skirt

A-line skirt is a skirt with a slight flare, generally looking like a capital

Letter A Bell-formed skirt

A ringer molded skirt, erupted discernibly from the midsection yet then, at that point, dissimilar to a congregation chime, tube-shaped for quite a bit of its length

Circle skirt

A skirt slice in segments to make at least one circles with an opening for the abdomen,


A type of partitioned skirt split skirt, or pant skirt developed like some shorts, however hanging like a skirt.

Full skirt

A skirt with totality accumulated into the belt

Gutted skirt

A skirt that fits through the waistline and flares at the fix. May be made of from four to 24 formed areas.

Rearranged creased skirt

A skirt made by carrying two folds of texture to a middle line in front or potentially back.

Creased skirt

A skirt with totality decreased to fit the midriff through ordinary creases or overlays, which can be sewed level to hip-level or free-hanging

Short skirt

A skirt with hemline over the knee

Straight skirt

A Straight skirt or Pencil skirt, a custom-made skirt balancing directly from the hips and fitted from the abdomen to the hips through darts or a burden.


Basic, fundamental skirt over which an overskirt, or curtain, hangs.

Wrap or wraparound skirt

A skirt that folds over the midsection with a cover of material

Ballet performer skirt

A Ballerina skirt is a mid-calf full skirt mainstream during the 1950s.

Broomstick skirt

A light-weight lower leg length skirt with many folded creases framed by compacting and contorting the piece of clothing while wet, for example, around a broomstick.

Air pocket skirt

An air pocket skirt likewise called a tulip skirt or inflatable skirt is a voluminous skirt whose trim is tucked back under to make a “bubble impact” at the base.

Payload skirt

A freight skirt is a plain utilitarian skirt with waistbands and various huge pockets, in view of the tactical style of Cargo pants.


A crinoline is an exceptionally full skirt upheld by circles or different underskirts


A dirndl skirt, (durn′del) is a skirt in the Bavarian-Austrian dirndl style, made of a straight length of texture assembled at the midriff.

Denim skirt

A denim skirt (or pants skirt), is a skirt made of denim, regularly planned like 5-pocket pants, yet found in an enormous assortment of styles.

Godet skirt

A godet skirt is a skirt with three-sided bits of texture embedded vertically from the trim to make more totality. Famous in the 1930s.

Totter skirt

A Hobble skirt is a long and tight skirt with a trim thin enough to essentially block the wearer’s step


A fold-over skirt with covering covers in front and creased around the back. In spite of the fact that customarily planned as ladies’ wear, it is designed to mirror the outward presentation of a man’s kilt.

Calfskin skirt

A skirt made of calfskin


A Lehenga (additionally Ghagra; Garara ), is a since a long time ago, creased skirt, frequently weaved, worn for the most part as the base piece of the Gagra choli in North India.

Maxi skirt

A lower leg length daytime skirt, well known with ladies in the last part of the 1960s as a response against miniskirts.


an amazingly short miniskirt.

Midi skirt

A skirt with stitch somewhere between lower leg and knee, beneath the most extensive piece of the calf.

Small scale crini

a small scale length rendition of the crinoline, planned by Vivienne Westwood during the 1980s.

Poodle skirt

A Poodle skirt is a circle or close circle skirt with an appliqued poodle or other latest design

Puffball skirt

A puffball skirt, likewise called “puff” or “pouf”, is a bouffant skirt trapped in at the trim to make a puffed outline. Mainstream in the mid-late 1980s when it was enlivened by Westwood’s “smaller than usual crini”.

Rah-rah skirt

A Rah-rah skirt is a short, layered, and regularly bright skirt stylish in the early-mid-1980s.


A Sarong is a square or square shape of texture folded over the body and tied on one hip to make a skirt that can be worn by both genders


A Samara was a since quite a while ago avoided coat, where a free coat with additional laces hung down to the knees in the style of a gown.

Bike skirt

A bike skirt or skort (variation), a skirt that has an appended pair of shorts under for humility.

Skater skirt

a short, high-waisted circle skirt with a hemline over the knee, regularly made of lighter materials to give the streaming impact that copies the skirts of professional skaters.

Squaw dress

A Squaw dress or holiday dress is a couple of piece outfit dependent on Native American apparel.

Swing skirt

Erupted skirt, roundabout, or cut in guts, fitted at hips with a wide flare at the fix.


A T-shirt is a skirt produced using a tee-shirt. The T-skirt is for the most part altered to bring about a pencil skirt, with undetectable zippers, full-length two-way isolating side zippers,

Layered skirt

a skirt made of a few even layers, each more extensive than the one above, and isolated by sewing.

Grassland skirt

A Prairie skirt, a variation of a layered skirt, is an erupted skirt with at least one ruffles or levels

Pant skirt

Pant skirt or culotte, a straight skirt with the part over the hips customized like men’s pants, with waistbands, pockets, and fly front.

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