The Mary Jane Platform Trend Is Lugging Its Way Into Spring

We have officially stomped our way into a new guard of footwear: the Mary Jane platform. She’s chunky and she’s tough, and she’s also sweet and demure — but on her own terms and in her own twisted way. You could say the mary jane lugsole is the fitting lovechild between 2021’s two biggest shoe trends — the ballet flat and the chunky loafer — and it’s no surprise that fashion folks are clamoring for these strapped-and-stacked shoes. Not only do they instantly Y2K-ify any look with that late ’90s sky-high flatform construction, but they also make whatever you’re wearing a tad playful and girly. (But not too girly.) And, judging from the wide variety of styles out there, this ladylike platform is rising to new heights for spring.

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