The Best Steel Toe Boots Are Hard-Working and Handsome

The best steel toe boots are designed for practicality, of course. They need to stand up to the rigors of hard physical labor, and keep your feet safe and protected at all times. In addition to the steel toes, they should be built with shock absorption, water-resistant materials, and grippy soles. But that doesn’t mean they can’t *look* totally awesome, too. 

With tough, durable workwear make waves in the fashion world at the moment, it’s not too much to ask that your day-in, day-out work boots combine function *and* form. The nine pairs we’ve found here do exactly that. Yes, they’ve got the goods to perform at the highest levels when you’re on the job. But they’ll *also* look killer with a fresh pair of jeans at the bar after hours. These are the best steel toe boots to wear just about anytime, anywhere.

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