Refresh Your Cologne Rotation for Just $60 With GQ’s Limited-Edition Fragrance Box

Every three months, we pile a bunch of GQ editor-endorsed goodies in a box: menswear essentials, top-tier grooming products, gear we want for ourselves. Then we ship that GQ Box—which is always worth way more than it costs—to your house. (You can see more details here, though that’s the gist.) But today marks a big leap forward for the premise. Why? Because we’re dropping our first-ever Box dedicated exclusively to fragrance, packed with four essential scents we can’t get enough of. 

What’s inside this limited-edition version of the GQ Box? Good question. Deciding on a signature scent can be a daunting task. But finding a fragrance that’ll still feel like you—or the “you” you aspire to be—six months down the line? Have fun second-guessing your way through an existential crisis. Which is why we’re so amped to introduce you to the quartet of colognes we never get sick of. Together, they represent the answer to a question that’s plagued fragrance heads (and a handful of canny philosophers) since time immemorial: Who do you want to be? You’re about to find out—and for a hell of deal. 

That’s because the limited-edition Fragrance Box contains more than $260 in goods—two hundred sixty dollars!—from some of the best-smelling brands in the biz. And it’s limited-edition because, well, we’re not making a lot of these boxes. 

So what’s it gonna cost you? That depends. 

If you’re not a GQ Box subscriber, the limited-edition Fragrance Box costs $119. (That’s still a screaming deal, given what’s inside would sell for over $260.) 

But if you’re already a GQ Box subscriber? You’ll only pay $59.

(This is where we’ll note that each GQ Box costs only $50, and a full-year subscription—with 4 boxes—costs only $190. You can do the math there…)

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Toilette (full size, 100 ml)

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