‘If You Want Visible Abs, It’s Not About Training’

Watch Brock Ashby explain why getting visible abs isn’t about training

As evolved, 21st-century men, we like to think we’re beyond thinking: “I must look ripped.”

As we’ve explored on various occasions, the pressures for men to get jacked (coming from every direction, from Marvel to Instagram influencers) are outdated.

But while we know – intellectually – that all body types ought to be accepted (even if your goal is to lose weight, being accepted and happy you’re more likely to start working out and looking after yourself better than if you’re sad, and constantly shamed), if we’re being honest, most guys still covet a six-pack.

The problem is though; most people, in their pursuit of looking like a Calvien Klein model, end up focussing on exercises like sit ups, crunches and planks. But the truth is; getting a six-pack is not about training. It’s about having a low body fat percentage.

Online personal trainer Brock Ashby recently explained this well on TikTok (video at the top of this article). “If you want visible abs, it’s not about training them 6 days a week, or seven days a week,” he said.

“It’s about having a low enough body fat percentage for them to be seen. Because everyone has abs but not everyone has the body fat percentage for their abs to be seen.”

“Instead of just training your abs to get a visible six pack, train your abs to have a strong core.”

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