If You Love Dresses & Skirts But Hate Chub Rub, You Need A “Shortlette”

Up until recently, I’ve had great difficulty looking for the perfect pair of safety shorts. Bike shorts are too thick and too compressive, boyshorts feel too much like underwear and aren’t high-waisted enough, and shapewear basically gives me all-day cramps while it crushes my inner organs. So, when a brand called Undersummers — specializing in a whole collection of what founder and CEO CarrieRae Munson calls the “shortlette” — got on my radar, I had to give it a whirl and a twirl on the first day of mini dress weather. I wore a pair of the Classic Anti Chafing Shortlette Slipshort 6.5″ with the most babydoll dress I own — even a slight arm raise would normally expose too much if it weren’t for these skivvies underneath.

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