I Made a List of the Best Tops, Dresses, and Shoes I Saw Over the Last 2 Weeks

As a professional shopper, I am endlessly exposed to all of the latest pieces as soon as they land in the best online stores. Any time a particular piece catches my eye, I like to keep it in a private Pinterest folder. It’s always fun to check in every so often to see the all the pieces I’ve amassed, especially to see what I am still drawn to after some time whether for my own closet or to share in edit stories like this one.

Over the past two weeks in particular, I have come across some standout tops, dresses, and shoes that I may or may not have wanted to keep selfishly to myself. I jest, but I did make sure to scoop up my top picks before setting off to put this list together. I included some great pieces for a variety of summer occasions (BBQs, concerts, weddings, and more) as well as a variety of personal styles.

Keep scrolling to shop my favorite finds of the moment. Good luck not wanting them all.

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