How to Build Body for a Bodybuilding Competition

A physique or bodybuilding competition is a thrilling experience, and you can find various physique competition prep tips online on how you would build mass muscles and increase your strength. You need to keep your body fat in a range, and you must start your physique competition prep two to three months before the main competition day. 

There are different types of diet plans that you need to follow for your physique competition prep, and here you can find some essential diet plans and bodybuilding tips for your competition: 

• You should start your physique competition prep 12 to 16 weeks before the main day, and you must include high-quality food in your first four-week diet plan. You need to build mass muscles for a bodybuilding competition, which requires you to workout hard for the same. To get enough energy for your strength training, you need to increase your protein intake capacity. In this case, you can consume more proteins and add some high-protein foods to your diet plan, like turkey, chicken breast, steak, meats, white fish, cottage cheese, protein powders, and egg whites.

high-protein foods

Along with that, you need to add some foods that can provide essential fat and carbohydrates like brown rice, white rice, potato, whole-grain bread, rice cake, and carbohydrate powders in your diet plan. you must consume almonds, avocado, olive oil, fish oil, nut butter, and coconut oil for getting essential fat.   

• For physique competition prep, you need to have some supplements. however, food supplements cannot provide enough energy and strength if you do not maintain a proper diet. You can search supplements online and choose the best one which does not have any side effects. You can also consult your trainer as he can suggest you the best supplement according to your body type. There are some common supplements available for physique competition prep, such as Beta-alanine, multivitamins, minerals, fish oil L-leucine, and amino acids. 

• Apart from the diet plan, you need to go for different types of exercises for physique competition prep. For example, you can do some cardio workouts to burn your excess fat. If you want to reduce your fat, then you should choose a proper time for your cardio exercise. For example, morning and rapid cardio can reduce your weight to a great extent. 

• Intense training is required for physique competition prep. You need to work hard during the last four weeks of the competition. You should go for intense training, and you can add a flat dumbbell press, smith machine incline press, incline dumbbell fly, and dumbbell curl to build your mass muscles. Along with that, you need to work on every part of your body with a different set of exercises. For example, doing barbell wrist curl and hammer curl can build your forearms, and you need to choose a seated crunch machine and lying straight leg raise machine to build your abs stronger. 

• You must add some regular exercises to your training schedules, such as leg extension, squat, leg press, leg curl, and calves’ exercises. You should concentrate on your back too, and you can try some cable row, wild-grip push-ups, T-bar row, and deadlift for the same. 


Building a strong body cannot help you to win the physique competition prep; you need to work on your mental and physiological aspects. Before the competition, a huge mental stress can ruin your confidence level, and you can consult a therapist to solve your mental issues. It is important to hit the stage with 100% confidence because judges will evaluate your body strength along with your mental consciousness. 

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