‘Halo’ Star Pablo Schreiber Is More Than the Tough Guy

There were never any actual conversations about Wolverine, the character, as it pertains to me, and as far as I know, there is no plan for a Wolverine sequel. That’s a franchise that was closed so well. The last installment was literally nominated for an Oscar. I don’t know where you really go from there.

You do also have to say that Wolverine is your favorite superhero, since you’re Canadian and he’s one of the few Canadian superheroes.

Exactly. Alpha Team, and the Calgary project. Yeah, I am very Canadian. You have that small complication of Wolverine in the actual Marvel Universe being, I believe, five foot three, and I’m six foot five. It’s a small difference. But again, it’s not anything that there’s any real conversations about. I’m sure something will come up in the Marvel Universe at some point, and we’ll just see what that’ll be.

Back to Halo. What is your favorite weapon, either as a player or for your character?

The character prefers the assault rifle. Chief and his assault rifle are synonymous, and inseparable. I would also throw the Warthog in there. It’s not a weapon, it’s a vehicle, but he looks so good in the Warthog. From a character perspective, I would say those are my two favorite toys from the Halo universe. My favorite weapon, personally? I really love all the Covenant tech. The Plasma tech is pretty fantastic. I’d say maybe the Needler, just because of the pink mist, and how it can vaporize people.

The show’s already been renewed for a second season, so you’re going to be going back to Budapest soon. What are some of your favorite things to do in the city, or do you have to be still pretty locked down when you’re there?

It all depends on what’s going on with COVID. I think there’s a little bit of an uptick right now, but I don’t think anybody is planning on going back to the glory days of when we were over there shooting, and it was 5pm curfew, and you had to be in your apartment all night until the next morning. Even if the situation is a little worse than it was, I think it’s much more open now than it was then. I just love the city. It’s a great walking city. Aesthetically, it’s very beautiful. The architecture is really stunning.

Városliget [City Park], near Heroes’ Square, is a big Central Park-like space in the middle of the city. I like to go there on the weekends. There’s a volleyball court there, and we get into some pickup volleyball games. A few times, we would get all the stunt people out, and we’d just do sports days on the weekends. Those are always fun. When we’re there in the summertime, the swimming is always nice. Balaton on the weekends is fun. And then, it’s just a long hunkering-down for the winter. Warm clothes, and getting up early, lifting weights, going to work, and coming home and doing some cardio.

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