Flight Attendant Explains Why You Should Never Use Toilet Paper On A Plane

A Miami flight attendant has shocked the internet with an explosive claim. She says you should “AVOID” aeroplane toilet paper and instead opt for the tissues. She says that this is because, during turbulence, when boys are peeing, they accidentally spray the toilet paper.

Miami based flight attendant @flightbae.b has surprised everyone, creating a viral video on TikTok which has now spilt over into the tabloids. Though many “never touch this item on a plane” videos are a bit of a stretch, or a bit hypochondriac sounding, this one really takes the cake.

Why? @flightbae.b recommends you don’t touch one item of the plane most people consider an unavoidable thing which you – at some point (especially if it’s a long flight) – have no choice but (butt?) to touch. That item, as we mentioned, is toilet paper.

Watch @flightbae.b explain why you should never use toilet paper on a flight

However, according to @flightbae.b there is a way you can get around having to use toilet paper (though we’re not sure many airlines would recommend it). In any case: here’s @flightbae.b’s toilet hack, for all you germaphobes out there (and for those who fear they can’t tell if the toilet paper has been made wet at any point).

In her TikTok video, @flightbae.b says: “Use the tissue paper instead of the toilet paper and here’s why. When turbulence hits and little boys are pointing and shooting they kind of you know shoot everywhere and that usually ends up on the toilet paper.”

Comments beneath her video were predictably disgusted, with one TikTok user claiming: “I’m never flying again.” Another said: “Why didn’t you tell me this sooner? Like 30 years ago?!?!” Others chimed in with health tips of their own.

“And also, antibacterial wipes !!! I used to be an aircraft cleaner and we just used a dry rag to dust off the seat and wipe those tables.”

TikTok user/apparant former aircraft cleaner @Natty.

Image Credit: Getty Images

If you don’t want that on your nether regions, she says “use the tissues which are up yonder.” @flightbae.b has also shared advice on hotel safety, warring flight attendants and the different types of flight attendants passengers should be aware of.

This isn’t the first toilet-related flight hack to go viral, either. Flight attendant Kat Kamalani shared a controversial economy travel hack that has left some first-class passengers furious in the past, when people have actually tried it (hint: the hack is to simply walk up and use the business or first class bathroom even when you’re an economy passenger).

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