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There are pride and charm associated with Indian ethnic wear for men. Not only the Indians or the NRI’s of India but the whole world wanted to have the hot collection of Indian Ethnic wear and yes this is the new fashion trend 2021.

In Conclusion, This collection is Inspired by Indian Desi clothing traditions and Indian Regional styles. Furthermore, Whether to gear up for a festive occasion or a grand wedding, or are looking for smart everyday options Indian ethnic wear men is always in style in its Outfit and Trend.


Ethnic wear is nothing but different clothing styles of Indian and its states. Moreover, is a kind of attire that is worn by both men and women on their daily routine because of the comfort, habit and culture. Similarly, Indians also wear ethnic clothes on their special occasions, such as festivals, wedding ceremonies etc. However, There are different types of Indian ethnic wear for men like trending short kurta, sherwani, kurta pyjama, dhoti kurta. In Addition, Modern fashion designers making stylish changes as per the trend so that younger ones get more attracted to the stylish ethnic wear patterns.

Ethnic wear, or rather, Indian traditional wear.  We all get super-confused about what to buy whenever we have to attend a traditional Indian festival or ritual. A lot of us do end up buying  Nehru jackets and ‘Bandies’  but what to pair  the jackets which  becomes a complicated question in itself and therefore,  to answer this question O&T  shot list the best ethnic wear style for your body type and skin complexion.

The Short Kurta Look

The traditional kurta is always trending and one of the most preferred and suitable outfits for men in Summers. Similarly, the main problem with Men’s Kurta is that we cannot wear it everywhere. In the same way, we won’t prefer wearing a kurta at a Party as well as, on a date.

Are You looking for a

Kurta Pyjama for Wedding

The Nehru Jacket Look

Nehru jacket is the safest option for layering and whenever you want a dressed-up ethnic look. A Nehru jacket’s collar is tailored keeping  in mind everybody shape and therefore whichever body type you’ve got, it proportionate your frame just fine. We believe every guy must have a solid Nehru jacket in his wardrobe.

Similarly, Should avoid loud colours and rather settle for pastel ones when it comes to mixing colours, in this look in ethnic wear men category

 In Conclusion, We should match the colour of our kurta and jacket kept it subtle and under-toned. It is pistachio coloured, or what we call pista colour in common terms. In other words can’t even describe  how elegant it looks on every skin complexion. When it comes to looking better than others, which we all want to of course, detailing is the key.

The pocket square: I have used a multi-coloured and striped one to go along with the soft and subtle colour of my outfit, because detailing and compliments, both are important.

Last things to check, make sure the buttons on your kurta are of good quality, our wristwatch isn’t loud or sporty and your outfit is body-hugging, not body-fitting.

That’s it for this one so let us move on to the next look, which is very traditional in nature and best worn at functions attended by your age and parents because you need to impress them like the gentleman you are. Grandparents because you need to impress them like the gentleman you are.

The Indo-Western look

The Denim Jacket Guys, Indo-Western technically means something else but for this look, I have mixed an Indian garment with a few Western garments to create a very stylish, and dare I say cool, look. If your event is a fusion of Indian and Western culture or if you simply want to strap on a kurta to your daily casual style routine, this is how you go about it. A patterned kurta: If checked, layered and paired with a denim jacket and simple solid jeans respectively.

If your jeans are a little ripped, just like mine, they look even sexier. Again, the key is to keep it simple and not use a lot of colours. My kurta is olive coloured, with navy blue checks, which also happens to be the colour of my denim jacket, and my jeans are ice blue coloured. Basically, the outfit only has a total of three colours: olive, blue and black. This type of colour coordination looks professionally styled and those curious stares from the bystanders are always a given. If you like this look, give  this  a big thumbs up and hit that like button. ‘blood donation catch phrase’ Moving ahead, let us talk about our next look,

The Kimono Look

Even though it’s not a traditional Indian outfit, Kimonos are the traditional dresses of men and women in Japan, its design structure lends it such a classy and comfortable feel, I love it. I have only recently started wearing Kimonos and the compliments I have bagged thus far are overwhelming.

Good Indian sandals or chappal’s  and you’re super good to go out and stand apart from the crowd, which will as usual come out in the safe, formulaic  style. So go out, up your game and thank me later in the comments. Heading ahead to our last style, which  I’m calling the

Indo-fusion look

Our country has so much amazing fashion to offer, I get super-excited every time I visit a new city and check their local fashion; the experience always is stunning, to say the least. I learnt so much more about yoga – our oldest culture, the crazy shopping scene here and Mother Ganges’ pristine water.  Also, let me know in the comments if you liked this and which was your favourite style out of the five I suggested; I would love to chat with all of you. If you guys liked this, hit the like button and share it with your friends and family so that they too learn new styles.

The Dhoti Look

The Dhoti Look is always trending in South India and even among south Indians of Singapore. I find dhoti as a very luxurious and well-designed piece of clothing that is also very comfy in nature. Play it safe and sexy and go with a white dhoti; pick one with a good little golden border to accentuate the white. A simple full-sleeved kurta, something with a chest pocket is always nicer, and accessorise with the ‘Rudraksh’, a neckpiece. ‘Rudraksh’ is a real tree’s fruit and is amazing for your body as well.

All the above, Footwear is the first thing your relatives will notice, so get a nice pair, something like my hallux ring style chappals. Make sure it is clean and freshly polished. Oh, and please, do not wear sports shoes just to be in your comfort zone.

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