25 Office-Ready Sneakers, Loafers, and Lace-ups to Get Your Feet Ready for Spring

For anyone who’s ever struggled to parse the meaning of an especially Byzantine dress code, “business casual” can be a cursed phrase. Thankfully, the best business casual shoes for men are nothing less than a blessing in disguise, a happy medium between the full-on dress shoes gathering dust in the back of your closet and the tattered sneakers piled precariously by your front door. Finding the idea of lacing up a pair of office-friendly shoes a little, uh, daunting? That’s where these shoes come in. They’ll help make your transition back to office life that much more bearable, all without invoking traumatizing memories of rigid dress codes from years past. (Think Western boots, not wingtips.)

No matter what type of corporate environment you’re returning to—from the type of law firm that’d fire you on the spot for wearing Converse to the sort of start-up that’s constantly touting it’s “relaxed work culture”—there’s a shoe style here for you. All of ’em will sync up seamlessly with the dress shirts you’ve been wearing with boxers and not much else on Zoom, and help spruce up your more casual outfits in the process. Pair them with a soft, gently-structured blazer and a silk knit tie come your next big presentation or an oxford-cloth button-down and chinos on a regular old weekday.

And FYI: What you’re not going to see here is a bunch of tech-y, performance-oriented sneaker options from Nike and Adidas—though if your workplace is okay with you rocking those, more power to you. Regardless of how formal you’re coming, the best business casual shoes for men will help ease your return-to-office concerns. (Of the stylistic sort, anyway.) Here’s 25 we’re really feeling right now. 

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