23 Beanies, Balaclavas, and Ball Caps That’ll Keep Your Noggin Warm and Handsome

No matter how many stylish winter clothes you put on your body, it’s for naught if you aren’t also wearing one of the finest men’s winter hats. A big coat, some killer boots, and maybe a swaddly scarf are all a good start, but it’s a toasty hat that’ll really lock in the heat and keep your ears from falling clean off in the face of frigid winter winds. Plus, no disrespect to your luscious locks, but no cold weather fit really looks complete without a hat to finish things off. You wouldn’t eat an ice cream sundae without a cherry on top, would you? Of course not. 

And while we’ll never turn down a great beanie, there’s a galaxy of excellent winter hat options out there for you to explore. You could follow in Tyler, the Creator’s furry ushanka footsteps, keep your baseball cap obsession rolling into the colder months, or get yourself a woolly bucket hat for true grandpa vibes. Whatever the look you’re after, we’ve got something that’ll work for it here. These are the absolute best men’s winter hats that money can buy. 

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