19 Seriously Stylish Raincoats to Brave Any Storm

With the impending arrival of spring, we (hopefully) trade snow showers for rain. And our heavy jackets for raincoats. Yes, you’ll soon have to find even more space in your closet already packed with all of those recently purchased puffers.

On the bright side, raincoats are no longer those cheap plastic or vinyl pieces. You know, the ones you’d toss once sunny summer commenced. Thanks to the resurgence of windbreakers and anoraks, rain gear has gotten decidedly chicer. We’re talking crazy patterns and bold colors. (Although we still love a good neutral, especially in trench or cape forms.) Or you can go the see-through look and let what you’re wearing underneath shine through.

If you’re hesitant, don’t worry. These picks are well worth the investment. After all, you’ll certainly have plenty of opportunities to show off your new gear because April showers really do bring May flowers. We’ve also included a handful of bargains.

Sure, you could just cart an umbrella everywhere you go. But what happens when you leave it at the bank, the grocery store or even at the office? Odds are with temps still somewhat chilly, you won’t forget to put on your coat before heading outside.

Check out 18 raincoats that’ll actually have you hoping for a downpour.

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