19 Menswear Essentials That Are Cheap As Hell

There’s no need to clean out your bank account in the name of sartorial greatness. The best cheap clothes for men will keep your fashion crown securely on your head while keeping your wallet full. As wise Swedish rapper Yung Lean once said, “it’s important to learn how to dress before you have cash because if someone just hands you money, you’re gonna look like an idiot”. But where do you go to cop such a wardrobe? There are plenty of GQ-approved places to spend your money. Surprisingly, mall brands are good again so look to shops like Uniqlo, the Gap, and J.Crew for classic style. There’s plenty of good value at the old staples, too. L.L. Bean, Levi’s, Adidas, and Nike are all great places to cop iconic pieces as well as on-trend items. And of course, household workwear names like Dickies and Carhartt offer tons of bang for your buck with a full slate of stylish goods that are also super durable.

If you need more specificity, we’ve rounded up a grip of menswear essentials to add to your closet, each one as stylish and long-lasting as it is affordable. From classic blue jeans and top-tier underwear to go-with-everything loafers, here are all the best cheap clothes for men you need.

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