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It’s a no-brainer that bags are the most useful accessory that women own. Hard to imagine life without handbags right? Sure, they are quite useful, but it’s hard to get by them without setting a statement. If you agree, we’ve got something you need to read and bookmark. Here is the guide to the types of bags for women so that you can experiment now and then.

Types of Bags for Women Every Woman Should Know in 2022

Life is too short to wear a boring bag. To standby the quote here are the types of bags for women that you must know. Read-Research-Rejoice.

  1. The Shoulder Bag
  2. The Cross Body Bag
  3. Satchel Bag
  4. Tote Bag
  5. Backpack Bag
  6. Evening Clutch
  7. Wristlet
  8. Hobo Bag
  9. Duffel Bag
  10. Messenger Bag
  11. Barrel Bag
  12. Belt Bag
  13. Envelope Bag
  14. Round Bag
  15. Basket Bag


  1. The Shoulder Bag

The bag that will never leave your side or better your shoulder. The main game of fashion which the name suggests is slung over the shoulder differentiates in size. Usually large in design making it more functional, useful, and ideal for every day. One of the popular types of bags for women that can be worn on typically every occasion. A smart idea to buy in a neutral color that works for all. Bad Idea-Don’t overstuff it, after all, it’s your shoulder’s responsibility.

  1. The Cross Body Bag

Types of bags for Women

As the name says, one of the types of handbags that are worn cross allowing you to go hands-free. Smaller than the shoulder, this bag is perfect for any travel purpose keeping your essentials intact. From your mobile phone to your wallet everything can be stored in one. The next time you plan, don’t forget to cross this bag from your checklist. There are various types of bags for women, but this will be yours truly.

  1. Satchel Bag

Types of bags for Women

The satchel bag is yet another type designed with a long strap and two short handles. To store your books, magazines, and laptop, this rectangular bag is carried either with the handles or with the strap. Going to a college campus or on corporate training, this types of purses is highly recommended.

  1. Tote Bag

Types of bags for Women

One of the most desired types of bags for women is this tote bag. The bag is enclosed with a single compartment with no closure. You can throw the stuff in and out while on move. The casual bag is perfect when you have to run multiple errands. The bag will be your least of concern. Amidst this busy schedule, these types of ladies bags will make your bag up.

  1. Backpack Bag

Types of bags for WomenTypes of bags for Women

Are you not keen on carrying the bag on one shoulder? Well, my dear these types of bags for women will be carried on both. Now you can relive your school days with an edge of style. The backpack style depicts the backpackers who store everything on their back and move ahead. The bag may vary in size, some are tiny and some are big. While the big has enough storage to store enough, the tiny is just to keep your essentials close. A different types of handbags that hold the casual vibe.

6.Evening Clutch

Types of bags for Women

The pocketful of glamor is here. These are the types of bags for women that are reserved for special occasions. Be it be your favorite lipstick which may fade eventually or a wet tissue for that smudged kajal, this bag holds all for you. Scaling up your look with embellished patterns to match up your dapper look is a must-buy. Some may have a strap to carry and some may be a wallet. Make notes that these types of purses will add charm.


Types of bags for Women

A purse that can be worn as a bracelet. That’s my friend is this purse which can be worn on your wrist. These are the types of bags for women that are used for the small storage of your debit card, cash, lip balm n keys. The low storage indicates its purpose for it. Going for a walk or a date this bag will keep you weight-free. These are the types of bags for girls every girl must own. IFYKYK (If you know you know)


8.Hobo Bag

Types of bags for Women

The bag was inspired by the sack tied on the stick by the immigrants while traveling from one place to another. With a large build and a crescent shape, this bag holds a single compartment worn on your shoulder. The types of bags for women are made up of soft material which slouches when stuffed in. Full marks to the inspiration and the design. These types of handbags for ladies can be your travel partner or a shopping one. Its trending, useful and gram validated. What else do you need?


  1. Duffel Bag

Types of bags for Women

The popular types of bags for women for gym classes or small trips. The rectangular shape and two straps to support it is the classic design. Keep your everything intact in a single bag without a second thought. The best thing about this types of handbags is its storage capacity. That’s why it is categorized under travel bag too. Make an exception and carry just one bag- this one!


  1. Messenger Bag

Types of bags for Women

There is so much inspiration around you, just like this bag. Inspired by the postman’s bag this types of bags for women is named after the same. With a leather or canvas base, the rectangular bag has a think strap to support the best. The one which is sleek and goes perfect for any day, just carry it right and your half work is done. This types of purses matches every personality, yes yours too!


  1. Barrel Bag

Types of bags for Women

The bag gives you the look of a barrel. With a cylinder in shape, this medium to small size-types of bags for women is a dressy versions of bags. With a small shoulder strap, zip closure, and enough room to keep your essentials, this bag will go apt for any casual brunch. These types of ladies bags own a steady look with no terms and conditions.


  1. Belt Bag

Types of bags for Women

These types of bags for women will be tied across your waist just like the classic belt. The trendiest style which is getting viral nowadays scaling the style quotient to the best level. The casual clothes will match up the vibe with it. These different types of handbags are high in style and higher in the utility category.


  1. Envelope Bag

Types of bags for Women

The name perfectly describes the design of this bag. This types of bags for women is a rectangular-shaped, thin envelope-shaped bag. With no or rare straps, these bags are generally carried just like an envelope. Designed for special occasions, these types of bags for girls are meant to keep just essentials. The next time you are off for a party, you know which bag will support your look.


  1. Round Bag

Types of bags for Women

This types of bags for women is a round-shaped cross bag which a strap to put it cross over. Designed with jute or fabric or leather these bags are high in demand. The next time you need to catch the flight, your airport look must have this bag. Keep your boarding pass and id safe with these types of handbags for ladies. Also if Goa is calling, this bag is calling you too.


  1. Basket Bag

Types of bags for Women

The bag is a basket with straps. By now you have an image in your mind. And that’s what these types of bags for women are, designed with jute fabric you can easily load up this bag. The shoulder straps are strong enough to support your essentials. When going for a picnic, this types of ladies bags is high in utility rate and higher in durability rate too.

These were some of the options you can seek when shopping for bags. Go deep with your search and find your type. Happy Shopping


1 Which bags are best for women?

Everyone has a type to choose. From its functionality to its use, the criterion varies on the personality. Choose what clicks you and then click ahead.

2 What kind of bags are in style?

Bags such as round bags, hobo bags are trending the most online. Explore the types of bags for women and style around.

3 What are the different types of tote bags?

There are various purposes to store your stuff, from market totes to travel totes to beach totes you can define the purpose and shop ahead.

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